This is not a BUG , or Security Hole for hack or crack
This is One of the Abilities of the HLDS Command called : user "Playername" and this is not BUG , some Administrators use this for Steal some of the Amx or AdminMod Passwords  by this Way that i told below 
You have an Access by AMX or Admin Mod on Your Server , when you want to login to your server , You use commands like this
 "name "Your Admin name
 "setinfo _pw "1234 
By , using these commands , you have to set your information to your local game
 .for HLDS to detect and user them to set privilege on your name
the way to crack your password is here , i can run on HLDS and invite you to join my server , and when you join to my server i will use that command : user "yourname" and the result is Like this
*fid                0
         _cl_autowepswitch   0
         bottomcolor         0
         cl_dlmax            128
         cl_lc               1
         cl_lw               1
         topcolor            0
         _dm                 0
         src                 -1
         _vgui_menus         0
         _ah                 0
        pw          12345
rate                25000
         cl_updaterate       101
         name                Admin - name
         *sid                -8646911284551352051
          model               gsg9
and thats all , after that , you have the password , after finding the original admin name you can use that and login to victim server and , do what admins could , changing maps , restart , kick ban , and change hostname ;) , this post is for note to administrators to protect their server from that stupid cracking way ! after that for fix that problem you can use this way
Now you are in your server and using your account for administration , if anyone wants you to join their server ,
Disconnect from your server ,
use that command for changing your password
setinfo _pw "lol" for example
then connect to another server , if some one try to crack your password , he can use "lol" for that uses
Security Note by MGGSNET.COM (2005 - 2010) Security team
(2010 - 2003) MAster_GAme] GaminG]
Release date : 27/05/2010
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